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FOX redefines ride dynamics for ATVs, mountain bikes, motocross, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, trucks, and UTVs. Fox Factory Inc. uses cookies to improve your browsing experience on our website. For more SEE THE FORKS. READ MORE. READ MORE. LEARN MORE. NEW FOR 2020 Claimed starting weight: 2,180g; Measured weight: 2,363g (170mm travel, 29in, uncut steerer) Offset options: 37mm (27.5in only), 44mm and 51mm (29in only) Damper options: Updated GRIP2, GRI Fox 36 Performance Elite forks only use a FIT GRIP2 damper and both are 650b and 29 forks are only in 160mm travel. You can only get Boost spacing and a tapered steerer in these forks. RRP is £1,099. The 36 E-Bike Factory fork is available as a 29 fork with 160mm of travel (though of course 650b Plus tyres fit into this model) with a FIT GRIP2 or FIT4 damper, Boost spacing and tapered. Starting Weight; 2816 grams. MSRP; $2,310 CDN or $1,749 USD. For 2021 the Fox 40 is available in the Gucci Factory spec only with Kashima Coat uppers and Grip 2 VVC damper. Grip 2 VVC. The damper in the latest Fox forks is based on the fantastic Grip 2. VVC is Fox's latest improvement to the Grip 2 high-speed circuits, which allow for external. Fox AX Fork highlights. 40mm travel; 3lb / 1.36kg claimed weight; 3-position compression damping (open, medium, and lockout with blow-off) Micro adjust for open mod

FOX have revised the GRIP2 damper, adding VVC (Variable Valve Control) to the High Speed Compression circuit. The fork weighs 2213g (our 170 mm 29er FACTORY model) and costs from €1259 to €1589. FOX is doing a small limited edition range 38's in a heritage Pistachio with black adjustment dials, retail models will be black and orange Weight: 1387g (29er) | Travel: 100mm | Stanchion diameter: 32mm | Spring system: Air, FIT4 damper | Material: Magnesium and forged aluminum | Wheel size: 650B, 29er | Steerer: Tapered | Axle: 15x110mm Boost, 15x100m *2021 Update* - the FOX 49 name is gone for 2021, and new 29 and 27.5 DH forks use the FOX 40 name. It has been updated with a new, stiffer chassis design. RockShox MTB forks. For cross country, trail and enduro forks, RockShox offers both a higher-end and entry-level option to suit different rider needs and budgets

pair, standard brake bosses that come on all 2004 Fox forks And barring a few exotic and rare niche forks, Fox was true to its word. The Float 32 Step Cast is a true featherweight, entering the ring with nearly a two hundred gram weight advantage over a RockShox SID World Cup. And that is pretty considerable when cross country racers are still in the gram counting business Fox 34 SC 120mm, cut, with expansion nut & crown race - 1699g (3.74lb) The apples to apples comparison is with both forks' steerer length cut to 19cm with no star nut or crown race, which puts the 34 Step-Cast at 137g (0.3lb) lighter than the standard 34 Weight starting at 2,180g As its name clearly implies, this all new single-crown fork has 38mm stanchions. Fox makes the fork in 160 to 180mm travel options for riders who want a more robust fork.. Weighing about 1400g in the Factory trim for 29in wheels, Fox says the 32 Step-Cast is just as stiff as it's burlier 34 fork. The top-end model sees the eye-catching neon orange lowers, and has provisions for high and low-speed compression damping

FOX refines its hard-hitting single crown fork, aiming for improved sensitivity and reduced weight. Rating: Vital Review When we first tested the 2016 FOX Float 36 RC2, we found it to be right at the top of the big-hitting, single-crown fork class Fox uses an elliptical steerer tube in the 38, which they say is noticeably stiffer and attempts to shave some weight from areas you don't need it while reinforcing areas that do. Overall stiffness of the 38 is a notable jump from the 36, and the longer the fork is, the more you'll notice it

We carry top brands including Fox Racing Shox, RockShox, DVO and Manitou, covering various off-road disciplines. From short-travel XC forks (80-100mm travel) to trail (120-160mm travel) and gravity (170mm and more) and all different wheel sizes, including 27.5 and 29er options, there's one to fit any style of riding Considering buying a fox 36 for my TL and my LBS has a good offer on a F36 Performance Elite fork at £800 but should I consider avoiding this and getting the ebike specific fox fork. I don't go leaping off of things and mainly trail ride The only difference externally between this fork and a regular FOX is the sticker telling you it's optimised for e. E-bike optimised forks are available in loads of configurations: FOX 34 in 27.5 or 29, in both Performance and Factory guises, 110-150mm travel options; or FOX 36 in Factory only, with 130-170mm travel Suspension oil for Fox forks.Required for FIT bladder rebuilds Item Specifications Fork Oil Weight 5 FOX Suspension Oil Suspension Oil and Lube UPC: 611056142684. Mpn: 025-06-007. by FOX FOX Seal Kit for 32/34 mm FIT4 Damper Forks That's where Fox says that their new floating axle system, used on the 36, 38, and 40 forks, comes into play. Fox says that their floating axle ensures perfect leg alignment for minimum friction

Fox 34 vs 36 fork. Both the forks from Fox are from high quality. that's for sure. If you just bought a regular bike somewhere without special forks on it - then you can be sure that getting either the Fox 34 or 36 will make your bike a lot better for biking out in the woods or on tracks Overview 2018 marks a significant year in front suspension for both Rockshox and Fox. Both suspension companies came out with redesigned forks, most notably the Fox 34 & 36 as well as the RockShox Pike & Lyrik. Last year was all about getting into their rear shocks, so now it's time to get after the forks. While the 2017 models of all these forks were great in their use, improving on.

The Fox 38 is an all-new enduro fork with 160 to 180mm

Easily find the correct oil volume specifications for your Fox bicycle suspension forks Fox Shox and RockShox still own the market as leading two suppliers for mountain bike suspension in today's world with their Pike and 34, but MTB suspension. At 427mm it's longer than most rigid adventure forks which are in the 400mm region - the Tripster fork measured 395mm. That extra 32mm in fork length impacts the geometry by raising the front-end and slackening the head angle. Fox advises any bikes with about a 69-degree headangle are going to behave strangely with the AX fitted

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  1. • Actual weight: 2430 grams (29 w/ QR thru-axle) • MSRP: $949 - $1199 USD All of the top level, longer travel forks in Fox's lineup get bleed valves for 2021. That little button on the.
  2. FOX Factory Forks Review: 34 vs. 36 Mountain Bike Forks By Bruce Lin. The FOX 34 and 36 Factory are both great forks with different strengths. We break down which one is right for you. Unless you're a complete weight weenie I highly doubt you'll notice the bit of extra weight. If you're curious and can afford it, I would go for it
  3. Offering some of the best suspension products on the market today, Fox has become the go-to for world-class champions like Aaron Gwin and Rachel Atherton. Wi..
  4. The Silkolene/Fox RED has a higher viscosity than the old Torco/Fox 7wt. It follows that you can use the Fox 10wt GREEN in both legs on pre FIT damper forks. The FIT damper oil is the higher viscosity Silkolene/Fox RED and the bath oil the lower viscosity Silkolene/Fox GREEN. This is according to Fox's master oil volume chart

FOX Float 180 FIT RC2 (1.125 steerer tube) Weight: 2409.3g (see how this compares to other forks in our verified weight database) Axle to crown height (A2C): 565.3mm for 180mm , 545.3 for 160mm versions; MSRP: $1005; So what does all that mean? The Float series from FOX indicates that the fork is an adjustable air spring. This means that you. The Performance Elite forks retain the same adjustments, dampers, weight, and 7000 series aluminum upper tubes as the Factory Series, but use black anodized upper tubes instead of the Kashima Coat. The Elite options are offered for Fox's 34, 36, and 40 fork families Fox 40 forks are used by many of the fastest downhill racers on the planet while the Fox 32 Step Cast is the go to cross-country fork for Olympic Athletes. Fox short travel forks are ideal for XC, while Fox mid travel forks are better for trail and enduro riding. Long travel Fox forks are when you need for DH

FOX AX gravel suspension fork first ride review - BikeRada

Fox. Fork Brake Bosses. 2004? 23 g. pair, standard brake bosses that come on all 2004 Fox forks pair. Rond-Magura. Quake coil spring, medium. 1999? 73.5 g. 17 cm long, for Quake 100/105 mm forks. Marzocchi. Springs for MXR (red/hard) 2002? 76 g. switch from coil to air shock saving is 153 g. upside down, weight incl. 70 mm intregal stem. Fox forks and shocks are perfectly matched with the challenging conditions bikers experience on their off-road adventures in Africa and this company understands the grit and determination required to get you on the road and keep you there. FOX shocks offer a lighter weight overall and better heat dissipation. This is why they perform the. Fox was able to shave a bunch of weight without using carbon, impressive. I've had 2 charger-damper forks and I have the 32 sc factory on my XC rig. The charger is not a better performing damper

Marzocchi really put up a good fight against the FOX forks, apart from the weight there's not a huge difference between the two brands. I would still recommend buying the FOX forks if you have the money but otherwise, you will be very happy with the Bomber Z1's. Specifications: Chassis: 36mm; Axle: 15QR x 110. Fox Suspension 32 Float CTD Evolution Forks. Air mountain bike suspension forks for everything from XC racing to flying at the bike park—super-light and durable. Features: Weight: 3.17lb/1.44kg (26), 3.75lb/1.7kg (27.5), 3.96lb/1.8kg (29) Spring: Air; Riding Style:XC, Trail; Adjustments: Trail adjust tuning (3 positions), Rebound, Air. As is, the current Fox E-bike specific fork was a quick way to get a stronger fork out there: take an existing stanchion size (36mm), but make the walls thicker, swap in already available 34mm damper, assemble with an already available 36mm lower, and boom - you have a 36-sized fork that's stronger to handle the extra weight and applied forces.

FOX FLOAT 38 2021 Review - The New King Of Enduro Forks

Forks work best when they're allowed to settle slightly into their travel under the rider's weight, giving them some reserve extension so the wheel can drop into holes and down small drops without the rest of the bike dropping too. To achieve correct sag, start with a simple zip tie around one leg. 2 It gains around 150 grams in weight, but keeps the same black coating as in the case of the Performance Elite. Rhythm lowers the bar - light coloured stanchions, basic settings, decent performance, but still far off the feelings provided by Factory or Performance Elite FOX stumbled a bit in fork technology since the inception of CTD forks. But we saw what they were capable of with the performance of their FOX 36 forks last year. Now, all that technology comes to the more popular 34 line of forks. - Mtbr.co Weight: 2,015g | Offset: 42, 44 or 51mm (29in), 37, 44, 46mm (27.5in) | Travel: 140-170mm Pros: Supreme suppleness and easy to setup Pros: Cheaper (and lighter) than a Fox 3

Your browser does not support all of our website's functionality. For an improved shopping experience, we recommend that you use the most recent versions of Google. As far as Fox forks go, these are the narrowest stanchions you'll find, which translates into lower weight but also lower air volume for absorbing big hits. The 29 means this fork is designed for 29-inch wheels-a natural choice for XC riding. However, in the very near future we'll also be testing this fork with a 27.5+ wheel, though.

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Fox 32 SC. Also new for 2017 is the Fox 32 SC fork. The SC stands for Step Cast and you can see that step towards the bottom of the leg. The step allows for a narrower chassis (which saves weight) while still keeping room for disc brakes and spokes. This means Fox has been able to get the weight down to 1,355 grams (2.98lbs) for the 27.5 model Dinner Forks,Set of 16 Top Food Grade Stainless Steel Silverware Forks,Table Forks,Flatware Forks,8 Inches,Mirror Finish & Dishwasher Safe,Use for Home,Kitchen or Restaurant 4.7 out of 5 stars 985 $12.99 $ 12 . 99 $16.99 $16.9 Fox Racing. Fox has maintained its position as the innovation leader in the MX industry by designing and producing motocross gear and apparel for the worlds best riders. Building off this athlete-driven design philosophy, the company has expanded its activity and products into MTB, BMX, and rounding off the design innovation to moto-inspired. Shop a large selection of Bike Fork Parts and Oils at JensonUSA.com from top brands. Fox, Rockshox, and more. Fast delivery, easy returns, and expert staff. Keep Pedaling Claimed weight: 1.35kg / 2.98lbs Fox has chopped down a 27.5in 32 Float Step-Cast fork and created the AX - a 40mm travel fork designed for gravel bikes. An answer to Cannondale's Lefty Oliver.

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Basically what I'm looking for is to establish if there are any recommended air pressures per weight of rider for either Fox Talas Factory Fit RLC forks or the Fox Float RP2 Shock This range includes some downhill forks, as well as many all-mountain, XC and freeride models in every available size. The $1200-$2500 range includes top of the line downhill and XC forks that provide competition level performance and weight. It also includes all-mountain and freeride forks with numerous adjustments and high-level features Fox wanted a no nonsense, bombproof system for its lower-priced forks, so engineers figured why not base it off one that's already proved itself in motocross. It wound up being so good on those low-end Rhythm forks, that Fox decided to redesign its flagship 4-way adjustable damper off this dynamic bleeding damper platform Wolf Tooth Axle for Fox Forks. AU$75.14 (0) Columbus Futura Fork. AU$340.98 - AU$448.15 Save 5% - 28% (1) Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil Fork. AU$1,264.44 (0) Fox Suspension 34 Float Factory SC Fit4 Fork (2021) AU$1,334.74 (0) Fox Suspension 34 Float Performance E-Bike+ Grip Fork (2021).

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How do I setup FOX forks/shocks correctly for my body weight and intended use? Please check: FOX Website FLOAT X Setup Guide DE FOX 32 Setup Guide DE FOX 34 Setup Guide DE FOX 36 Setup Guide DE FOX FLOAT DPS Setup Guide D In addition to FOX's new 36, 38, and 40 forks, the humble 120-140mm FOX 34 fork got a notable upgrade—a new GRIP2 damper option that could dethrone the Rockshox PIKE Posted by Logan Watts We've given the RockShox PIKE a lot of press over the last year for it's impressive adjustability, unmatched support, and excellent performance.

An easily searchable data base of fork oil volumes with the ability to filter by fork, model and year along with links to the source information for easy confirmation and double checking of data. Complete and up to date databases available for Rockshox and Fox forks RockShox was created to help every rider find their line. We develop and manufacture state of the art bicycle suspension forks, shocks, and dropper posts Visit the Shop to filter Fox Forks and view collections. Shop. Fork Decals - Fox. We do not offer this decal kit. Update July 29 2020. The team at Slik would like to thank you, the bike community, for your incredible support the past couple of days. The influx of positive comments and messages really blew us away

Fox 34 27.5 Plus Weight - 1880g. Rotor - Post mount 160mm. Spring - FLOAT. Damper - FIT4 3-Pos Lever w/adj. The Fox 34 Plus fork is advertised as a 27.5″ plus fork, but it has plenty of room for 29+ tires or even fat bike tires on a narrow rim FOX mud guard for 36/38mm forks The Fox Mud Guard is a minimalist mudguard which was specially developed for the FOX 36/38 mm suspension forks from model year 2021. The stable attachment with the help of two screws (included in the scope of delivery) enables easy installation. As a result, it stays in place even in rough terrain (12) 12 product ratings - 2015 Fox Float 32 Evolution Series CTD 29er Fork 100mm Travel 1.5 Taper 9mm NE

2021 FOX 38MM FLOAT GRIP2 FACTORY KASHIMA FRONT FORKS - 27.5″ & 29″ OPTIONS. All the revolutionary features of the brand-new 36 packaged in a super-stout chassis engineered specifically for modern hard-hitting, long travel enduro-style riding. The all-new 38 is hungry to devour all you can throw at it and ask for more. FEATURE At 4.45 lbs, it comes in about where you'd expect for a fork like this—it's lighter than the Fox 36 (4.83 lbs) and the Rockshox Lyrik (4.94 lbs), but heavier than the shorter-travel options (e.g., the Rockshox Revelation, 3.6 lbs; Pike, 4.05 lbs; or the Fox 32 series, 3.6 lbs, depending on options) All 38 Factory GRIP2 Forks; Upper Tube Finish: Kashima Coat: Air Channels: Yes: Bleeders: Yes: Floating Axle: Yes: Rotor Size: 180 direct Post Mount, Up to 230 compatible: Mud Guard Mount: Optional FOX 36/38 Mud Guard with sturdy 4-point direct-mount attachment: Air Spring: FLOAT EVOL: Steerer: 1.5 Taper: Starting Weight: 2180

Fox 40 Float Fork. Fox 40 Float. Travel: 203 mm. Wheel size: 27.5 Stanchions: 40 mm. Axle to crown: 594 mm. Offset: 52 mm. Weight : 2735g. Reviewer: 5'9 155lbs. Duration of Test: About 4 months. Locations Tested: Montana, Idaho, British Columbia. MSRP: $1,699. Intr 2021 Fox 40 Float Factory Kashima GRIP2 Downhill MTB Forks 27.5″ & 29″ Completely redesigned for 2021, this World Cup weapon has its sights set on the top step. Equipped with an updated version of our award-winning GRIP2 damper, an updated EVOL air spring, and a host of other radical new performance-driven features, the all-new 40 is ready.

So far it almost seems that Fox and RockShox have been copying one other, but in fact there are some major differences. First of all the weight measured by us (here you find the exact configurations). Fox 32 Step Cast 29: 1,380 grams RockShox SID WC 29: 1,550 grams. 170 grams seems nothing, but it can certainly lead a biker to choose one fork instead of the other, particularly if one is looking for the lightest possible bike Fox Suspension Gear, A Brand You Can Trust From Pushys. Shocks, Forks, Accessories And Clothing, Quality Gear At Great Prices

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Weight: 100 mm / standard • 49g | 110 mm / Boost • 53g Material: 7075 T6 aluminum with plated steel washer Diameter: 15 mm Tool interface: 6 mm hex key Torque spec: 12-15 Nm Thread spec: 14x1.5 Thread length: 15mm Made in the US Edit: The demo detailed below is from an old build, and we are currently working on a new demo with new assets. You can find updates for the new demo in posts from 2020 and later. This old demo will be removed once the new demo is ready, and we plan to have it ready by the end of 2020. Original post for older demo: Heyo! A helpful anon on /bbwdraw led me here, and I'm glad they did! This is. Starting Weight 27.5 3.06 lb / 1387 g (F-S, 32 SC, 27.5, 100mm Travel, Kabolt 110, 3Pos-Adj)* * 表示されたフォーク重量はスターフラングルナットとディスクブレーキガイドを取り付け、ステアラーの長さを165mmに切断した場合 Air mountain bike suspension forks for everything from XC racing to flying at the bike park—super-light and durable. Featuring Fox's Molybdenum Disulfide Kashmina coat to reduce friction and prolong the life of your stanchions. Features: Weight: 3.17lb/1.44kg (26), 3.75lb/1.7kg (27.5), 3.96lb/1.8kg (29) Spring: Air; Riding Style:XC, Trai Fox Forks 36 & 40 Lower Leg Axle Replacement Pinch Bolts (set Of 4 ) £5.99. Click & Collect. Free postage. or Best Offer. 2020 Fox Shox 36 Float 27.5 170 GRIP2 Factory Fork Mountain Bike MTB Suspension. Item Weight. see all. Condition. see all. New. New other (see details) Seller refurbished. Used. Price

Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals The FOX Evolution Oil Cartridge has now been super-seeded, and is no longer offered in the Fox fork range. (2016 onwards). However, the good news for Fox Evolution (and RL) fork owners, is that the new FIT4 dampers are an impressive way to upgrade a Fox Evolution series fork (and many open bath RL/RLC systems too!) to massively improve that small bump responsiveness, overall tune-ability and. Fox Shox 32 F29 FIT RLC 29er Forks user reviews : 3.1 out of 5 - 14 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - mtbr.co

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**2021 Fox and RockShox Suspension Products. Please note all 2021 Forks and Shocks are subject to lead times, please call us to check availability before you order** 01373 826800 Call +44 (0) 1373 82680 Our experts are here to help, call us and we will take care of you. 1-888-276-713

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FOX Van 36 170 and 180 spring work with forks model years 2011 and 2012 Blue: Rider Weight 150-180 lb. 40.4 lb/in Had it on the bike for a couple rides before going to a lighter spring rate. 36 Van Coil Spring Setting Guidelines. 170& 180 mm FOX Part# Spring Rate ±8% Color Code We offer an extensive range of upgrade and tuning options for FOX Forks and Shocks utilising the FOX Factory Tuning program. This can range from custom shock and fork valving to upgrading to a complete new damper cartridge. Our experienced technicians are able to offer you help and advice ensuring you get the most out of your suspension. FOX Factory Mountain Bike Forks & Shocks. Ideaz and FOX have worked closely together for years to deliver market-leading products that blend trend-setting style with world renowned engineering. As the performance of FOX's products continue to evolve, so do the aesthetics. We go deep into the dark halls of the test lab at FOX where they like to break stuff. A l

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For the first time, we created an air spring with a truly better spring rate, everywhere in the travel, than a coil. The Secus upgrade delivers the first and only air spring system to really come indistinguishably close to the linear spring rate of a coil fork for the entire first 2/3rds of its travel, with the advant Mountain Bike Forks for Sale. Whether you want a Marzocchi fork or forks from Fox Racing Shox, Manitou or Rock Shox, BlueSkyCycling is the place to come. We have mountain bike forks for sale for all types of riding styles such as Downhill, Freeride, and Cross-Country Get the best deals on 150 mm Bicycle Forks when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands 2021 Fox Factory Float 36 Mountain Bike Fork 29 in 150 Mm Travel 51mm Rake. $1,029.00 New. Rockshox Revelation Air Shaft 150mm Travel 26 27.5 29 At the bottom of your forks, an axle, a skewer or a maxle hold the wheel to the forks. Today, on most Mountain Bike, the fork contains shock absorbers for a better comfort and control of the bike. Suspension forks can vary massively when it comes to weight, stiffness, travel and shock damping ability To flexy under braking. Maybe I am too heavy (200lbs) for FOX's lower weight forks but when I am braking even on the pavement the fork vibrates at lower speeds. I can also feel some flex in the trail as it doesn't really takes you where you are targeting. I swap with my 2006 Fox RLC and it is much more precise. The FIT works fine on this one

Definitely consider the 34/35mm stanchion forks. I have a 2016 Fox 34 130mm on my Tallboy now. It weighs within 10g of my older Fox 32 120mm. I have both the Fox 34 and Pike. Both are good forks. Also don't discount many of the other forks in this weight class. I've heard good things about the MRP Stage and others Air tokens can be added easily to adjust the air volume or the spring and the axle to crown height of the 120 29er is 531mm. The retail price for this model is £840.00 which makes it highly competitive with other forks of this calibre and finally, the new SID Ultimate obviously comes in this signature blue colour option which no doubt makes them just that little bit faster

XC Fork Redefined: FOX 32 SC | FOXFOX Racing Shox 32 Float 27

FOX 36 Factory FLOAT 2018 Fork - Reviews, Comparisons

Make Offer - Fox 32 Fork 27.5 100mm Aluminum Suspension Fork Fit CTD CR3B Fox Float 32 Fit RLC F29 29 MTB Bike Fork, 100mm Travel, Tapered Steer, QR $399.9 Cyclinic is a dedicated mountain bike suspension centre, located in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. Operating since 2004, with a focus on retail suspension sales and service since 2014, Cyclinic is the go-to for suspension sales and service in Australia and New Zealand

Explore 36 Bike Forks | FOX2011 Fox Racing Shox - Singletrack Magazine

Fox Float DPX: Rider Weight: Air Pressure: Shock Sag: 100lbs (45.5kg) 140 psi: 12-15 mm: 120lbs (54.4kg) 160 psi: 12-15 mm: 140lbs (63.5kg) 180 psi: 12-15 mm: 160lbs (72.6kg) 200 psi: 12-15 mm: 180lbs (81.8kg) 220 psi: 12-15 mm: 200lbs (90.7kg) 240 psi: 12-15 mm: 220lbs (99.8kg) 260 psi: 12-15 mm: 240lbs (108.8kg) 280 psi: 12-15 mm: 260lbs (117.9kg) 300 psi: 12-15 mm: 280lbs (127kg) 320 psi: 12-15 m All 36 Factory FIT4 Forks; Upper Tube Finish: Kashima Coat: Air Channels: Yes: Bleeders: Yes: Floating Axle: Yes: Rotor Size: 180 direct Post Mount, Up to 230 compatible: Mud Guard Mount: Optional FOX 36/38 Mud Guard with sturdy 4-point direct-mount attachment: Air Spring: FLOAT EVOL: Steerer: 1.5 Taper: Starting Weight: 1965 Fox partnered with legendary seal maker SKF to develop their low-friction fork seals. This Fox Dust Wiper Kit is standard equipment on current Fox Forks, and these seals are what give them such a buttery smooth feel along with the Kashima Coat.. Forks are one of those things that get taken for granted when they're working as they should, and cursed when they're not

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